Premiere May 21-23, 2015 at Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church in-the-Bowery We invite audience to embark on an interactive journey through an imaginative world of movement and sound, where they can cultivate new discoveries in the nature of opposites and intricately changing psychological states. Choreography by Teresa Fellion. Music by John Yannelli, in collaboration with Riley Smith,Dominick Boyle, Emily Cardwell, Ryan Edwards, and Chase Hawley

"John Yannelli and members of the SLC Experimental Music Ensemble contribute a richly textured, partly live score of drones, strings plucked and strummed, swelling distortion, and high hums. The choreography is action-packed with a strong flow, a current that is sometimes tidal, washing the dancers back and forth across St. Mark’s Church, turning the terrarium into an aquarium.” Brian Seibert -The New York Times

“I discovered the light, fast, fluid work of the New York based Teresa Fellion Dance company, filled with wit and levity.” — The Huffington Post.

BodyStories: Teresa Fellion Dance + John Yannelli with members of the SLC Experimental Music Ensemble present an outdoor, interactive performance and installation of “The Mantises are Flipping, W.3” commissioned as part of NYC Department of Transportation’s “Summer Streets.” Choreography by Teresa Fellion Music by John Yannelli, in collaboration with Riley Smith, Dominick Boyle, Emily Cardwell, Ryan Edwards, and Chase Hawley (includes live music by  Riley Smith Dominick Boyle, Emily Cardwell, and Chase Hawley!)

"The choreography unfolded persuasively, just as it had in the rehearsal. Ms. Fellion is most fortunate to have a committed troupe of dancers to work with, and they gave the piece their all. Several powerful vignettes ensued, and the overall effect was strikingly enhanced by the lighting." - Phillip Gardner, Oberon's Grove. 

"The Mantises are Flipping W.3 starts from the moment you walk in the door. The fury does not decrease until it ends...It is absolutely fascinating...Teresa Fellion's dancers have a strong idea of what captivates an audience. Their faces, so refreshingly animated, indicate a rich inner life. Their bodies become like a paint brush that uses our imaginations as a canvas, painting hundreds of interpretations of life." - Heather Chamberlain, Stage buddy. 


-Full Soundtrack Coming soon-